M. Sc. Dissertation

Author: Yadav, Mahesh Kumar
Title: A Comparative Evaluation of Buffer Replacement Algorithms LIRS-WSR and CCF-LRU for Flash Memory Based Systems
Descript: 56 p. ; A4
University: Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Subject: Computer Science
Language: English
Summary: The comparative analysis based on quantitative analysis of algorithms is performed based on the hit/miss rates and the number write counts. Using the trace-driven simulation, when workload has high reference locality, LIRS-WSR has significantly superior performance than CCF-LRU in terms of both hit rate and write count. LIRS-WSR has higher hit rate up to 17.5% and minimizes write count up to 37.17% in com- parison to CCF-LRU. For uniformly distributed workloads, the difference in hit rates, and write count of LIRS-WSR and CCF-LRU is comparatively small. LIRS-WSR outperforms CCF-LRU by increasing hit rate up to 3.8% and decreasing write count up to 9.23% in comparison to CCF-LRU in its worst case.
Degree: MSc
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